Interface IEditorActionBarContributor

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    BasicTextEditorActionContributor, EditorActionBarContributor, MultiPageEditorActionBarContributor, TextEditorActionContributor

    public interface IEditorActionBarContributor
    A editor action bar contributor defines the actions for one or more editors.

    Within the workbench there may be more than one open editor of a particular type. For instance, there may be 1 or more open Java Editors. To avoid the creation of duplicate actions and action images the editor concept has been split into two. An action contributor is responsible for the creation of actions. The editor is responsible for action implementation. Furthermore, the contributor is shared by each open editor. As a result of this design there is only 1 set of actions for 1 or more open editors.

    The relationship between editor and contributor is defined by the org.eclipse.ui.editors extension point in the plugin registry.

    This interface should not be implemented directly. An implementation of this interface has been created in EditorActionBarContributor. Implementors should subclass this and specialize as required.

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    • Method Detail

      • init

        void init​(IActionBars bars,
                  IWorkbenchPage page)
        Initializes this contributor, which is expected to add contributions as required to the given action bars and global action handlers.

        The page is passed to support the use of RetargetAction by the contributor. In this case the init method implementors should:

        1. set retarget actions as global action handlers
        2. add the retarget actions as part listeners
        3. get the active part and if not null call partActivated on the retarget actions

        And in the dispose method the retarget actions should be removed as part listeners.

        bars - the action bars
        page - the workbench page for this contributor
      • setActiveEditor

        void setActiveEditor​(IEditorPart targetEditor)
        Sets the active editor for the contributor. Implementors should disconnect from the old editor, connect to the new editor, and update the actions to reflect the new editor.
        targetEditor - the new editor target
      • dispose

        void dispose()
        Disposes this contributor.