Interface IEditorPart

    • Method Detail

      • getEditorInput

        IEditorInput getEditorInput()
        Returns the input for this editor. If this value changes the part must fire a property listener event with PROP_INPUT.
        the editor input
      • getEditorSite

        IEditorSite getEditorSite()
        Returns the site for this editor. This method is equivalent to (IEditorSite) getSite().

        The site can be null while the editor is being initialized. After the initialization is complete, this value must be non-null for the remainder of the editor's life cycle.

        the editor site; this value may be null if the editor has not yet been initialized
      • init

        void init​(IEditorSite site,
                  IEditorInput input)
           throws PartInitException
        Initializes this editor with the given editor site and input.

        This method is automatically called shortly after the part is instantiated. It marks the start of the part's lifecycle. The IWorkbenchPart.dispose method will be called automically at the end of the lifecycle. Clients must not call this method.

        Implementors of this method must examine the editor input object type to determine if it is understood. If not, the implementor must throw a PartInitException

        site - the editor site
        input - the editor input
        PartInitException - if this editor was not initialized successfully