Class MultiPageEditorActionBarContributor

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    public abstract class MultiPageEditorActionBarContributor
    extends EditorActionBarContributor
    Abstract base class for managing the installation/deinstallation of global actions for multi-page editors.

    Subclasses must implement setActivePage, and may reimplement any of the following methods:

    • contributeToMenu - reimplement to contribute to menu
    • contributeToToolBar - reimplement to contribute to tool bar
    • contributeToStatusLine - reimplement to contribute to status line
    • Constructor Detail

      • MultiPageEditorActionBarContributor

        protected MultiPageEditorActionBarContributor()
        Creates a multi-page editor action contributor.
    • Method Detail

      • setActivePage

        public abstract void setActivePage​(IEditorPart activeEditor)
        Sets the active page of the the multi-page editor to be the given editor. Redirect actions to the given editor if actions are not already being sent to it.

        This method is called whenever the page changes. Subclasses must implement this method to redirect actions to the given editor (if not already directed to it).

        activeEditor - the new active editor, or null if there is no active page, or if the active page does not have a corresponding editor