C/C++ Project Properties, Paths and Symbols, Project References

Project references are a powerful way of expressing dependencies between Build configurations in different projects. Specifically they perform 2 roles:

Unlike the Eclipse Common References page, this page allows setting references to specific configurations.

Since CDT 7 this functionality has been improved:

C/C++ Project, Paths and Symbols, Project References

Projects list (main pane)
Displays all other CDT projects which current project can refer to. All configurations are displayed for each project. A check mark indicates the configuration is referenced. Note that only one configuration can be checked in any given project.
[Active] configuration presents in each configs list and represents current active configuration.
Configurations can reference another configuration in the same project.
Referenced projects, which don't exist in the workspace, are shown in gray.
Expand all
Expands all configuration lists
Collapse all
Collapses all configuration lists
Move up
Move the project up in the references list
Move down
Move the project down in the references list

Available for :
CDT projects

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