Tool chain editor preferences (C/C++ Project Properties)

Customizes the toolchain used in your build configuration; it lets you specify which tools the builder needs to include when it builds the project for a specified toolchain and configuration.

Tool chain editor preferences

Tool chain editor properties
Configuration Click here for a description.
Manage configurations Click here for a description.
Display compatible toolchains only When selected, it shows a list of toochains that are only compatible with the current configuration. When this option is not selected, it shows a list of all toolchains known to the Eclipse CDT. A Toolchain is compatible if it can run on given platform. .
Current toolchain Indicates the toolchain to use with the current configuration. A toolchain is a set of tools (such as a compiler, linker, and assembler) intended to build your project. Additional tools, such as a debugger, can be associated with a toolchain. There can be several toolchains available, depending on the compilers installed on your system.
Current builder Indicates the builder used to build the selected configuration. A builder refers to an external make utility, such as GNU make, that the Eclipse CDT uses (and relies on) to build a project. The CDT can generate makefiles automatically when you create a Make C or C++ project, or you have the option of creating a C or C++ Make project where you provide the makefile yourself.
Used tools Shows a list of tools currently included for the selected toolchain. You can click Select Tools to modify this list.
Select Tools Opens the Select Tools dialog that lets you add or remove tools from the list of tools for the selected toolchain.

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