Package org.eclipse.ui.console

package org.eclipse.ui.console

Application programming interfaces for interaction with the Eclipse console.

Package Specification

The Eclipse platform UI console plug-in provides a set of classes and interfaces to facilitate the creation and display of consoles in the ConsoleView. This package contains a generic abstract console (AbstractConsole) that provides some basic functionality as well as two complete implementations of consoles that may be subclassed.

The class TextConsole supports regular expression matching and hyperlinks. Clients must provide their own document partitioner.

IOConsole extends TextConsole and provides support for creating consoles based upon input and output streams via the use of IOConsoleOutputStream and IOConsoleInputStream. IOConsole is not an abstract class, it may be used as is or subclassed.

A console manager (IConsoleManager) manages all active consoles, and provides notification of consoles which are added and removed. Consoles are displayed in a page book view. Each console implementation is reponsible for creating its page (IPageBookView), which provides freedom of presentation to the console implementation. A single console may be displayed simultaneously in multiple console views, in different workbench windows.