Class ConsolePlugin

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    public class ConsolePlugin
    extends AbstractUIPlugin
    The console plug-in class.
    This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
    This class is not intended to be instantiated by clients.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConsolePlugin

        public ConsolePlugin()
    • Method Detail

      • getDefault

        public static ConsolePlugin getDefault()
        Returns the singleton instance of the console plug-in.
        the singleton instance of this console plug-in
      • getUniqueIdentifier

        public static String getUniqueIdentifier()
        Convenience method which returns the unique identifier of this plug-in.
        this plug-in's unique identifier
      • log

        public static void log​(IStatus status)
        Logs the specified status with this plug-in's log.
        status - status to log
      • log

        public static void log​(Throwable t)
        Logs the specified throwable with this plug-in's log.
        t - throwable to log
      • newErrorStatus

        public static IStatus newErrorStatus​(String message,
                                             Throwable exception)
        Returns a new error status for this plug-in with the given message
        message - the message to be included in the status
        exception - the exception to be included in the status or null if none
        a new error status
      • getConsoleManager

        public IConsoleManager getConsoleManager()
        Returns the console manager. The manager will be created lazily on the first access.
      • getStandardDisplay

        public static Display getStandardDisplay()
        Returns the workbench display.
        the workbench display
      • errorDialog

        public static void errorDialog​(Shell shell,
                                       String title,
                                       String message,
                                       Throwable t)
        Utility method with conventions
        shell - the parent shell for the dialog
        title - dialog title
        message - dialog message
        t - error to show in dialog
      • getImage

        public static Image getImage​(String key)
        Returns the Image identified by the given key, or null if it does not exist.
        key - the image's key
        the Image identified by the given key, or null if it does not exist
      • getImageDescriptor

        public static ImageDescriptor getImageDescriptor​(String key)
        Returns the ImageDescriptor identified by the given key, or null if it does not exist.
        key - the image's key
        the ImageDescriptor identified by the given key, or null if it does not exist
      • stop

        public void stop​(BundleContext context)
                  throws Exception
        Description copied from class: AbstractUIPlugin
        The AbstractUIPlugin implementation of this Plugin method saves this plug-in's preference and dialog stores and shuts down its image registry (if they are in use). Subclasses may extend this method, but must send super last. A try-finally statement should be used where necessary to ensure that super.stop() is always done. Stops this plug-in.

        This method should be re-implemented in subclasses that need to do something when the plug-in is shut down. Implementors should call the inherited method as late as possible to ensure that any system requirements can be met.

        Plug-in shutdown code should be robust. In particular, this method should always make an effort to shut down the plug-in. Furthermore, the code should not assume that the plug-in was started successfully.

        Note 1: If a plug-in has been automatically started, this method will be automatically invoked by the platform when the platform is shut down.

        Note 2: This method is intended to perform simple termination of the plug-in environment. The platform may terminate invocations that do not complete in a timely fashion.

        Note 3: The supplied bundle context represents the plug-in to the OSGi framework. For security reasons, it is strongly recommended that this object should not be divulged.

        Note 4: This method and the Plugin.start(BundleContext) may be called from separate threads, but the OSGi framework ensures that both methods will not be called simultaneously.

        Clients must never explicitly call this method.
        Specified by:
        stop in interface BundleActivator
        stop in class AbstractUIPlugin
        context - the bundle context for this plug-in
        Exception - if this method fails to shut down this plug-in