Classes and interface required to contribute search dialog pages and search result view pages.

Package Specification

The search plugin implements the search dialog and the search result view. Client can contribute search dialog pages (extension point '') and search result view pages (extension point '') to integrate their searches to the shared search user interface.

Search dialog pages

Search dialog pages contributing to the 'searchPages' extension point must implement ISearchPage. A search page has access to its ISearchPageContainer to modify search dialog properties.

A search dialog page can additionally implement IReplacePage to allow the 'Replace' button to show up.

Search result view, since 3.0

The search view that shows the search results has been redesigned for 3.0. It is recommended to use and to switch to the new API:

On 'OK', an implementation of a search dialog page creates a search query, represented by an instances of type ISearchQuery. The query can be run using API on NewSearchUI and will create a ISearchResult as result. ISearchResultListener can be added to search results and report changes as SearchResultEvent.

Clients have to contribute a search result page (ISearchResultPage) that can visualize the matches contained in the result set.

The result page has access to the view using ISearchResultViewPart

Search result view, before 3.0

For compatibility to searches written prior to 3.0, the following APIs still exist and are functional. The old search result view is called 'classic search view' in the UI.

Before 3.0, the search result view was fully implemented by the search plugin. All search results had to be marked with search markers (org.eclipse.core.resources.IMarker, registered under '')

The search dialog page (type ISearchResultView) could access the single search result view using SearchUI.getSearchResultView(). It showed all matches as elements of type ISearchResultViewEntry.

IGroupByKeyComputer, IActionGroupFactory, IContextMenuContributor and extension point '' were used to configure the search result view.