Interface ISearchPage

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    public interface ISearchPage
    extends IDialogPage
    Interface to be implemented by contributors to the extension point Represents a page in the search dialog. Implemented typically subclass DialogPage.

    The search dialog calls the performAction() method when the 'Search' button is pressed.

    If the search page additionally implements IReplacePage, a 'Replace' button will be shown in the search dialog.

    See Also:
    IDialogPage, DialogPage
    • Method Detail

      • performAction

        boolean performAction()
        Performs the action for this page. The search dialog calls this method when the Search button is pressed.
        true if the dialog can be closed after execution
      • setContainer

        void setContainer​(ISearchPageContainer container)
        Sets the container of this page. The search dialog calls this method to initialize this page. Implementations may store the reference to the container.
        container - the container for this page