Interface IQueryListener

public interface IQueryListener

A listener for changes to the set of search queries. Queries are added by running them via NewSearchUI#runQueryInBackground(ISearchQuery) or NewSearchUI#runQueryInForeground(IRunnableContext,ISearchQuery)

The search UI determines when queries are rerun, stopped or deleted (and will notify interested parties via this interface). Listeners can be added and removed in the NewSearchUI class.

Clients may implement this interface.

  • Method Details

    • queryAdded

      void queryAdded(ISearchQuery query)
      Called when an query has been added to the system.
      query - the query that has been added
    • queryRemoved

      void queryRemoved(ISearchQuery query)
      Called when a query has been removed.
      query - the query that has been removed
    • queryStarting

      void queryStarting(ISearchQuery query)
      Called before an ISearchQuery is starting.
      query - the query about to start
    • queryFinished

      void queryFinished(ISearchQuery query)
      Called after an ISearchQuery has finished.
      query - the query that has finished