Interface IPersistableElement

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    IAggregateWorkingSet, IWorkingSet
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    FileEditorInput, FileInPlaceEditorInput, FileStoreEditorInput

    public interface IPersistableElement
    extends IPersistable
    Interface for asking an object to store its state in a memento.

    This interface is typically included in interfaces where persistance is required.

    When the workbench is shutdown objects which implement this interface will be persisted. At this time the getFactoryId method is invoked to discover the id of the element factory that will be used to re-create the object from a memento. Then the saveState method is invoked to store the element data into a newly created memento. The resulting mementos are collected up and written out to a single file.

    During workbench startup these mementos are read from the file. The factory Id for each is retrieved and mapped to an IElementFactory which has been registered in the element factory extension point. If a factory exists for the Id it will be engaged to re-create the original object.

    See Also:
    IAdaptable, IMemento, IElementFactory
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      • getFactoryId

        String getFactoryId()
        Returns the id of the element factory which should be used to re-create this object.

        Factory ids are declared in extensions to the standard extension point "org.eclipse.ui.elementFactories".

        the element factory id
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