Interface IElementFactory

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    FileEditorInputFactory, FileStoreEditorInputFactory

    public interface IElementFactory
    A factory for re-creating objects from a previously saved memento.

    Clients should implement this interface and include the name of their class in an extension to the platform extension point named "org.eclipse.ui.elementFactories". For example, the plug-in's XML markup might contain:

     <extension point="org.eclipse.ui.elementFactories">
        <factory id="com.example.myplugin.MyFactory" class="com.example.myplugin.MyFactory" />
    See Also:
    IPersistableElement, IMemento, IWorkbench.getElementFactory(java.lang.String)
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      • createElement

        IAdaptable createElement​(IMemento memento)
        Re-creates and returns an object from the state captured within the given memento.

        If the result is not null, it should be persistable; that is,


        should not return null.

        memento - a memento containing the state for the object
        an object, or null if the element could not be created