Class SyncInfoCompareInput

All Implemented Interfaces:
EventListener, ICompareContainer, IPropertyChangeNotifier, IResourceChangeListener, IAdaptable, IRunnableContext, IRunnableWithProgress, IEditorInput, ISaveablesSource

public final class SyncInfoCompareInput extends SaveableCompareEditorInput implements IResourceChangeListener
A SyncInfo editor input used as input to a two-way or three-way compare viewer. It defines methods for accessing the three sides for the compare, and a name and image which is used when displaying the three way input in an editor. This input can alternately be used to show compare results in a dialog by calling CompareUI.openCompareDialog(

The editor will not update when the elements in the sync info are changed.

Supports saving the local resource that is changed in the editor and will be updated when the local resources is changed.

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