Interface IRunnableContext

    • Method Detail

      • run

        void run​(boolean fork,
                 boolean cancelable,
                 IRunnableWithProgress runnable)
          throws InvocationTargetException,

        Runs the given IRunnableWithProgress in this context. For example, if this is a ProgressMonitorDialog then the runnable is run using this dialog's progress monitor.

        If fork is false, the current thread is used to run the runnable. Note that if fork is true, it is unspecified whether or not this method blocks until the runnable has been run. Implementers should document whether the runnable is run synchronously (blocking) or asynchronously (non-blocking), or if no assumption can be made about the blocking behaviour.

        fork - true if the runnable should be run in a separate thread, and false to run in the same thread
        cancelable - true to enable the cancelation, and false to make the operation uncancellable
        runnable - the runnable to run
        InvocationTargetException - wraps any exception or error which occurs while running the runnable
        InterruptedException - propagated by the context if the runnable acknowledges cancelation by throwing this exception. This should not be thrown if cancelable is false.