Interface ISynchronizationCompareInput

    • Method Detail

      • getSaveable

        SaveableComparison getSaveable()
        Return the saveable for this compare input or null if the input is saved directly to disk when the compare editor input is changed or the compare editor is closed.
        the saveable for this compare input
      • prepareInput

        void prepareInput​(CompareConfiguration configuration,
                          IProgressMonitor monitor)
                   throws CoreException
        Prepare the compare input associated with a model element for display using the compare configuration.
        configuration - the compare configuration for the editor that will display the input
        monitor - a progress monitor
        CoreException - if an error occurs
      • getFullPath

        String getFullPath()
        Return a human readable path for the compare input that can be used in a tooltip or other displays that can show more detailed information.
        a human readable path for the compare input
      • isCompareInputFor

        boolean isCompareInputFor​(Object object)
        Return whether this compare input matches the given object for the purpose of change navigation.
        object - the object