Class SaveableComparison

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    public abstract class SaveableComparison
    extends Saveable
    A saveable comparison is used to buffer changes made when comparing or merging model elements. A buffer can be shared between multiple typed elements within a comparison. The saveable is used by the comparison container in order to determine when a save is required.

    Clients may subclass this class.

    • Field Detail

      • PROP_DIRTY

        public static final int PROP_DIRTY
        The property id for isDirty.
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        Constant Field Values
    • Constructor Detail

      • SaveableComparison

        public SaveableComparison()
    • Method Detail

      • isDirty

        public boolean isDirty()
        Returns whether the contents of this saveable have changed since the last save operation.

        Note: this method is called frequently, for example by actions to determine their enabled status.

        Specified by:
        isDirty in class Saveable
        true if the contents have been modified and need saving, and false if they have not changed since the last save
      • doSave

        public void doSave​(IProgressMonitor monitor)
                    throws CoreException
        Saves the contents of this saveable.

        If the save is cancelled through user action, or for any other reason, the part should invoke setCancelled on the IProgressMonitor to inform the caller.

        This method is long-running; progress and cancellation are provided by the given progress monitor.

        Specified by:
        doSave in class Saveable
        monitor - the progress monitor
        CoreException - if the save fails; it is the caller's responsibility to report the failure to the user
      • doRevert

        public void doRevert​(IProgressMonitor monitor)
        Revert any changes in the buffer back to the last saved state.
        monitor - a progress monitor on null if progress feedback is not required
      • addPropertyListener

        public void addPropertyListener​(IPropertyListener listener)
        Add a property change listener. Adding a listener that is already registered has no effect.
        listener - the listener
      • removePropertyListener

        public void removePropertyListener​(IPropertyListener listener)
        Remove a property change listener. Removing a listener that is not registered has no effect.
        listener - the listener
      • setDirty

        protected void setDirty​(boolean dirty)
        Set the dirty state of this buffer. If the state has changed, a property change event will be fired.
        dirty - the dirty state
      • firePropertyChange

        protected void firePropertyChange​(int property)
        Fire a property change event for this buffer.
        property - the property that changed
      • performRevert

        protected abstract void performRevert​(IProgressMonitor monitor)
        Method invoked from doRevert(IProgressMonitor) to discard the changes in the buffer.
        monitor - a progress monitor