Class TextSearchGroup

  • public class TextSearchGroup
    extends ActionGroup
    Action group that adds a sub-menu with text search actions to a context menu.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TextSearchGroup

        public TextSearchGroup​(IEditorPart editor)
        Constructs a TextSearchGroup for adding actions to the context menu of the editor provided. The editor will be accessed for the purpose of determining the search string.
        editor - the editor
    • Method Detail

      • setMenuText

        public void setMenuText​(String text)
        Changes the text that is used for the submenu label. The default is "Search Text".
        text - the text for the menu label.
      • setAppendToGroup

        public void setAppendToGroup​(String groupID)
        Changes the group where the submenu is appended to. The default is ITextEditorActionConstants.GROUP_FIND.
        groupID - the group id to append to
      • fillContextMenu

        public void fillContextMenu​(IMenuManager menu)
        Description copied from class: ActionGroup
        Adds the applicable actions to a context menu, based on the state of the ActionContext.

        The default implementation does nothing. Subclasses may override or extend this method.

        fillContextMenu in class ActionGroup
        menu - the context menu manager