Class ParticipantExtensionPoint

  • public class ParticipantExtensionPoint
    extends Object
    A ParticipantExtensionPoint is used to manage contributions of participants.

    This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.

    This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ParticipantExtensionPoint

        public ParticipantExtensionPoint​(String pluginId,
                                         String participantId,
                                         Class<?> clazz)
        pluginId - the ID of the plug-in defining the extension point
        participantId - the name of the extension point
        clazz - the type of the class that contributors must provide
    • Method Detail

      • getParticipants

        public RefactoringParticipant[] getParticipants​(RefactoringStatus status,
                                                        RefactoringProcessor processor,
                                                        Object element,
                                                        RefactoringArguments arguments,
                                                        IParticipantDescriptorFilter filter,
                                                        String[] affectedNatures,
                                                        SharableParticipants shared)
        Returns all participants for a given element.
        status - a refactoring status to report status if problems occurred while loading the participants
        processor - the processor that will own the participants
        element - the element to be copied or a corresponding descriptor
        arguments - the arguments for the participants
        filter - a participant filter to exclude certain participants, or null if no filtering is desired
        affectedNatures - an array of project natures affected by the refactoring
        shared - a list of shared participants
        an array of participants