Class RefactoringHistory

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    public abstract class RefactoringHistory
    extends PlatformObject
    Object which represents a sequence of executed refactorings with optional time information.

    Refactoring histories are exposed by the refactoring history service as result of queries and contain only lightweight proxy objects. The refactoring history service may hand out any number of refactoring histories and associated refactoring descriptor proxies for any given query.

    Note: this class may be extended to provide different implementations

    See Also:
    IRefactoringHistoryService, RefactoringDescriptorProxy
    • Constructor Detail

      • RefactoringHistory

        public RefactoringHistory()
    • Method Detail

      • getDescriptors

        public abstract RefactoringDescriptorProxy[] getDescriptors()
        Returns the refactoring descriptors of this history, in descending order of their time stamps.
        the refactoring descriptors, or an empty array
      • isEmpty

        public abstract boolean isEmpty()
        Is the refactoring history empty?
        true if the history is empty, false otherwise
      • removeAll

        public abstract RefactoringHistory removeAll​(RefactoringHistory history)
        Returns this refactoring history with all entries from the other history removed.

        The current refactoring history remains unchanged.

        history - the refactoring history
        the resulting refactoring history