Interface IQuickFixableAnnotation

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    MarkerAnnotation, SpellingAnnotation

    public interface IQuickFixableAnnotation
    Allows an annotation to tell whether there are quick fixes for it and to cache that state.

    Caching the state is important to improve overall performance as calling IQuickAssistAssistant.canFix(Annotation) can be expensive.

    This interface can be implemented by clients.

    • Method Detail

      • setQuickFixable

        void setQuickFixable​(boolean state)
        Sets whether there are quick fixes available for this annotation.
        state - true if there are quick fixes available, false otherwise
      • isQuickFixableStateSet

        boolean isQuickFixableStateSet()
        Tells whether the quick fixable state has been set.

        Normally this means setQuickFixable(boolean) has been called at least once but it can also be hard-coded, e.g. always return true.

        true if the state has been set