Interface IQuickAssistAssistant

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    public interface IQuickAssistAssistant
    An IQuickAssistAssistant provides support for quick fixes and quick assists. The quick assist assistant is a ISourceViewer add-on. Its purpose is to propose, display, and insert quick assists and quick fixes available at the current source viewer's quick assist invocation context.

    The quick assist assistant can be configured with a IQuickAssistProcessor which provides the possible quick assist and quick fix completions.

    In order to provide backward compatibility for clients of IQuickAssistAssistant, extension interfaces are used to provide a means of evolution. The following extension interfaces exist:

    • IQuickAssistAssistantExtension since version 3.4 introducing the following function:
      • allows to get a handler for the given command identifier
      • allows to enable support for colored labels in the proposal popup

    The interface can be implemented by clients. By default, clients use QuickAssistAssistant as the standard implementer of this interface.

    See Also:
    ISourceViewer, IQuickAssistProcessor, IQuickAssistAssistantExtension
    • Method Detail

      • install

        void install​(ISourceViewer sourceViewer)
        Installs quick assist support on the given source viewer.

        Note: This quick assist assistant will only be able to query the invocation context if sourceViewer also implements ISourceViewerExtension3.

        sourceViewer - the source viewer on which quick assist will work
      • setInformationControlCreator

        void setInformationControlCreator​(IInformationControlCreator creator)
        Sets the information control creator for the additional information control.
        creator - the information control creator for the additional information control
      • uninstall

        void uninstall()
        Uninstalls quick assist support from the source viewer it has previously be installed on.
      • showPossibleQuickAssists

        String showPossibleQuickAssists()
        Shows all possible quick fixes and quick assists at the viewer's cursor position.
        an optional error message if no proposals can be computed
      • setQuickAssistProcessor

        void setQuickAssistProcessor​(IQuickAssistProcessor processor)
        Registers a given quick assist processor for a particular content type. If there is already a processor registered, the new processor is registered instead of the old one.
        processor - the quick assist processor to register, or null to remove an existing one
      • getQuickAssistProcessor

        IQuickAssistProcessor getQuickAssistProcessor()
        Returns the quick assist processor to be used for the given content type.
        the quick assist processor or null if none exists
      • canFix

        boolean canFix​(Annotation annotation)
        Tells whether this assistant has a fix for the given annotation.

        Note: This test must be fast and optimistic i.e. it is OK to return true even though there might be no quick fix.

        annotation - the annotation
        true if the assistant has a fix for the given annotation
      • canAssist

        boolean canAssist​(IQuickAssistInvocationContext invocationContext)
        Tells whether this assistant has assists for the given invocation context.
        invocationContext - the invocation context
        true if the assistant has a fix for the given annotation
      • setProposalSelectorBackground

        void setProposalSelectorBackground​(Color background)
        Sets the proposal selector's background color.

        Note: As of 3.4, you should only call this method if you want to override the JFacePreferences.CONTENT_ASSIST_BACKGROUND_COLOR.

        background - the background color
      • setProposalSelectorForeground

        void setProposalSelectorForeground​(Color foreground)
        Sets the proposal's foreground color.

        Note: As of 3.4, you should only call this method if you want to override the JFacePreferences.CONTENT_ASSIST_FOREGROUND_COLOR.

        foreground - the foreground color
      • addCompletionListener

        void addCompletionListener​(ICompletionListener listener)
        Adds a completion listener that will be informed before proposals are computed.
        listener - the listener
      • removeCompletionListener

        void removeCompletionListener​(ICompletionListener listener)
        Removes a completion listener.
        listener - the listener to remove
      • setStatusLineVisible

        void setStatusLineVisible​(boolean show)
        Enables displaying a status line below the proposal popup. The default is not to show the status line. The contents of the status line may be set via setStatusMessage(String).
        show - true to show a message line, false to not show one.
      • setStatusMessage

        void setStatusMessage​(String message)
        Sets the caption message displayed at the bottom of the completion proposal popup.
        message - the message