Class ArtifactKeyQuery

    • Field Detail

      • ALL_KEYS

        public static final ArtifactKeyQuery ALL_KEYS
        A singleton artifact key query that will always match every artifact key in the given IQueryable.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ArtifactKeyQuery

        public ArtifactKeyQuery​(String classifier,
                                String id,
                                VersionRange range)
        Pass the id and/or version range to match IArtifactKeys against. Passing null results in matching any id/version
        classifier - The artifact key classifier, or null
        id - The artifact key id, or null
        range - A version range, or null
      • ArtifactKeyQuery

        public ArtifactKeyQuery​(IArtifactKey key)
        Creates an artifact key query that will match any key equal to the provided key
        key - the input key to test for equality in the query