Class SynchronizeOperation

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public class SynchronizeOperation extends InstallOperation
A SynchronizeOperation describes an operation that will modify the installation to exclusively include the InstallableUnit mentioned. Note that all the Installable Units necessary to satisfy the dependencies of the Installable Units installed will also be installed. The following snippet shows how one might use an SynchronizeOperation to perform a synchronous resolution and then kick off an install in the background:
 SynchronizeOperation op = new SynchronizeOperation(session, new IInstallableUnit [] { myIU });
 IStatus result = op.resolveModal(monitor);
 if (result.isOK()) {
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This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
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    • computeProfileChangeRequest

      protected void computeProfileChangeRequest(MultiStatus status, IProgressMonitor monitor)
      Description copied from class: ProfileChangeOperation
      Compute the profile change request for this operation, adding any relevant intermediate status to the supplied status.
      computeProfileChangeRequest in class InstallOperation
      status - a multi-status to be used to add relevant status. If a profile change request cannot be computed for any reason, a status should be added to explain the problem.
      monitor - the progress monitor to use for computing the profile change request