Interface IWatchExpressionResult

  • public interface IWatchExpressionResult
    The result of an evaluation performed by an org.eclipse.debug.core.model.IWatchExpressionDelegate. A watch expression reports the value of the evaluation and any errors or exceptions that occurred.

    Clients may implement this interface.

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    • Method Detail

      • getValue

        IValue getValue()
        Returns the value representing the result of the evaluation, or null if the associated evaluation failed. If the associated evaluation failed, there will be problems, or an exception in this result.
        the resulting value, possibly null
      • hasErrors

        boolean hasErrors()
        Returns whether the evaluation had any problems or if an exception occurred while performing the evaluation.
        whether there were any problems.
        See Also:
        getErrorMessages(), getException()
      • getErrorMessages

        String[] getErrorMessages()
        Returns an array of problem messages. Each message describes a problem that occurred while compiling the snippet.
        evaluation error messages, or an empty array if no errors occurred
      • getExpressionText

        String getExpressionText()
        Returns the expression that was evaluated.
        The string expression.
      • getException

        DebugException getException()
        Returns any exception that occurred while performing the evaluation or null if an exception did not occur. The exception will be a debug exception or a debug exception that wrappers a debug model specific exception that indicates a problem communicating with the target or with actually performing some action in the target.
        The exception that occurred during the evaluation
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