Interface IWatchExpressionDelegate

  • public interface IWatchExpressionDelegate
    A delegate which computes the value of a watch expression when provided a context. Watch delegates are provided on a per debug model basis. Watch expressions query the appropriate delegate based on the debug model of the context element. Plug-ins that wish to contribute watch expression delegates may do so using the org.eclipse.debug.core.watchExpressionDelegates extension point.

    For example, the following is the definition of a watch expression delegate for the plug-in:

     <extension point="org.eclipse.debug.core.watchExpressionDelegates">

    Clients are intended to implement this interface.

    See Also:
    IWatchExpression, IWatchExpressionListener
    • Method Detail

      • evaluateExpression

        void evaluateExpression​(String expression,
                                IDebugElement context,
                                IWatchExpressionListener listener)
        Evaluates the given expression in the given context asynchronously and notifies the given listener when the evaluation finishes.
        expression - the expression to evaluate
        context - the context for the evaluation
        listener - the listener to notify when the evaluation completes