Interface ILaunchConfigurationMigrationDelegate

  • public interface ILaunchConfigurationMigrationDelegate
    Responsible for migrating launch configurations between different versions of Eclipse. A migration delegate is contributed as an optional attribute of a launchConfigurationType extension and is responsible for identifying migration candidates and migrating launch configurations of that type.

    For example, since 3.2 launch configurations may have resources mapped to them. A migration delegate could assign appropriate resources to a launch configuration create in an earlier version.

    Clients may implement this interface.

    • Method Detail

      • isCandidate

        boolean isCandidate​(ILaunchConfiguration candidate)
                     throws CoreException
        Returns whether the given launch configuration requires migration.
        candidate - potential migration candidate
        whether the given launch configuration requires migration
        CoreException - if an exception occurs determining the status of the given configuration
      • migrate

        void migrate​(ILaunchConfiguration candidate)
              throws CoreException
        Migrates the given launch configuration to be compatible with the current tooling.
        candidate - the candidate to be migrated, which can be a launch configuration or working copy
        CoreException - if an exception occurs during migration