Interface IObjectWithState

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    AbstractHandlerWithState, Command

    public interface IObjectWithState

    An object that holds zero or more state objects. This state information can be shared between different instances of IObjectWithState.

    Clients may implement, but must not extend this interface.

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    • Method Detail

      • addState

        void addState​(String id,
                      State state)
        Adds state to this object.
        id - The identifier indicating the type of state being added; must not be null.
        state - The new state to add to this object; must not be null.
      • getState

        State getState​(String stateId)
        Gets the state with the given id.
        stateId - The identifier of the state to retrieve; must not be null.
        The state; may be null if there is no state with the given id.
      • getStateIds

        String[] getStateIds()
        Gets the identifiers for all of the state associated with this object.
        All of the state identifiers; may be empty, but never null.
      • removeState

        void removeState​(String stateId)
        Removes state from this object.
        stateId - The id of the state to remove from this object; must not be null.