New CDT Project Wizard preferences

Use the New CDT Project Wizard to define which toolchains are selected in New CDT Project Wizard by default.

CDT Project Wizard Toolchains preferences tab

New CDT Project Wizard Preference Options
Option Description
Project types The same project types list as shown in Project Wizard.
Toolchain The same list of toolchains as shown in Project Wizard.
Make toolchain(s) preferred Makes the selected toolchain(s) preferred.
  • Preferred toolchains are marked by arrow icon (">").
  • In the Project Wizard dialog, preferred toolchain is selected by default.
  • If there are more than one toolchain preferred, the first of them is selected.
  • If there are no toolchains preferred, the first in the whole list is selected.
Make toolchain(s) not preferred Removes preference mark from selected toolchain(s).
Show project types and toolchains only if they are supported on the platform The same control as on Project Wizard page. Defines whether unsupported project types and toolchains are hidden or shown.