Property Pages Settings preferences

Use the Property Pages Settings preference panel to set the behaviors of CDT property pages.

Property Pages Settings Preference Panel

Property Pages Settings Preference Options
Option Description
Show 'Manage Configurations...' button Shows or hides corresponding button, normally placed on every property page.
If this button is hidden, Manage operation can be accessed from Main Menu or Context Menu.
Display 'Include Files' tab Displays a tab under 'Paths & Symbols' showing files which are included by default. These included files will be parsed before source, even if they're not explicitly #include'd by the source file. Corresponds to the '-include' switch on GNU compilers.
Display 'Data hierarchy' tab Displays auxiliary tab which allows browsing data of project configurations. This feature is useful for debug purposes mostly, so it's disabled by default.
Display tool option tips of 'Tool Settings' tab at fixed location
Display 'Tool Chain Editor' tab Shows or hides corresponding tab. Normally, users need not to edit tool chains manually.
Save Property Dialog Bounds Defines how property dialog parameters are preserved:
  • Save size only - position is set by system
  • Save size and position - next time, dialog is shown at the same place with the same size
  • Do not save at all - size and position is set by system each time dialog is shown
Discovery Profiles Naming Rule Discovery profiles have unique IDs, but their names may be duplicate, especially if they are contributed by different developers. So there are 4 way to distinguish them in the list on Discovery tab:
  • Show disc. page names if they are unique. Else names + profile IDs.
  • Show disc. page names if they are unique. Else show profile IDs.
  • Always show names + profile IDs
  • Always show profile IDs only

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