Outline view

The Outline view displays an outline of a structured C/C++ file that is currently open in the editor area, by listing the structural elements.

Outline View

Outline view toolbar icons

The table below lists the icons displayed in the Outline view toolbar.

Icon Description
Collapse All Icon Collapse All
Sort items alphabetically Icon Sort items alphabetically
Hide Fields Icon Hide Fields
Hide Static Members Icon Hide Static Members
Hide Non-Public Members Icon Hide Non-Public Members
Hide Inactive Elements Icon Hide Inactive Elements

Outline view icons

The table below lists the icons displayed in the Outline view.

Icon Description
Class icon Class
Namespace icon Namespace
Macro Definition icon Macro Definition
Enum icon Enum
Enumerator icon Enumerator
Variable icon Variable
Field private icon Field private
Field protected icon Field protected
Field public icon Field public
Include icon Include
Method private icon Method private
Method protected icon Method protected
Method public icon Method public
Struct icon Struct
Type definition icon Type definition
Union icon Union
Function icon Function

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