Outline view

The Outline view displays an outline of a structured C/C++ file that is currently open in the editor area, by listing the structural elements.

Editor View highlighting corresponding element in the Outline View

The Outline view shows the following elements in the source file in the order in which they occur:

You can also sort the list alphabetically. When you select an element in the Outline view, the C/C++ editor highlights both the selected item and the marker bar (left margin). For example, to move to the start of main() in the C/C++ editor, click main() in the Outline view.

For more information about the marker bar, see Workbench User Guide > Reference > User interface information > Views and editors > Editor area.

Filtering the Outline View

You can filter the Outline view by choosing to display or hide the following items:

You can select an element in the Outline view, and perform the following actions:


Icon Description
Collapse All Icon Collapse All
Sort items alphabetically Icon Sort items alphabetically
Hide Fields Icon Hide Fields
Hide Static Members Icon Hide Static Members
Hide Non-Public Members Icon Hide Non-Public Members
Hide Inactive Elements Icon Hide Inactive Elements

For more information about the Eclipse workbench, see Workbench User Guide > Tasks > Upgrading Eclipse.

For more information about Working sets, see Workbench User Guide > Concepts > Working sets.

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