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Depending on how you obtained the CDT, you might have also received a toolchain with a built-in CDT integration. However, if you downloaded the CDT from the Eclipse web site, then you will require a toolchain before you can build and debug any projects.

The standard CDT supports integration with the GNU toolchain. This includes GNU's make, gcc compiler, and gdb debugger utilities. If you require a toolchain to build software for your development host, this is the best choice to get started.

Each platform that runs the CDT requires different steps to acquire this toolchain.


For windows, MinGW and Cygwin are the two main platform choices for acquiring the GNU toolchain. It is important to understand the difference between them. Cygwin produces executables that use the Cygwin POSIX runtime. Note that this runtime is GPL licensed. MinGW produces native Windows executables that do not require a separate runtime.


All Linux distributions include the GNU toolchain. They may not, however, be installed by default. For instructions about installing the GNU toolchain for Linux, see the instructions for your particular distribution.

Mac OS X

The CDT supports the Apple GNU toolchain that is included in with the Xcode IDE. It can be downloaded from the Apple's developer site,

Other Platforms

The GNU toolchain is supported on all platforms that the CDT supports. For instructions about installing the GNU toolchain on your platform, see your platform vendor.

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