Building Manually

Manual builds let you choose the scope of a build, as well as options for building, or rebuilding projects. You can view the output of the make utility in the console.

Sample build in console view

Incremental Builds
To incrementally build all open projects, you can select Project > Build All or type CTRL+B.
Build Individual Projects
To build individual projects click Project > Build Project.
Rebuild Projects
To rebuild a project right click on the project and select Rebuild Project.
Note: This will rebuild projects that this project references as well, but will not rebuild projects that references this one.
Build Automatically
This performs a Build All whenever any project file is saved, such as your makefile.
Tip: For C/C++ projects, this feature should be turned off. If there is a checkmark beside Build Automatically the feature is on. To turn it off, select Build Automatically.

Tip: If you get the error message:

Exec error:Launching failed

then CDT cannot locate the build command, (usually make). Either your path is not configured correctly or you do not have make installed on your system.

Tip: The menubar item Project > Build Working Set submenu for C/C++ projects simply creates a link to the build all target as defined in your makefile, and is no different from an Incremental Build.

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