Searching for text within a file

The Go To selection in the pop-up menu for one of the navigation views allows you to quickly find a resource in the Workbench by searching resource names.

You can also do contextual searches for information that is contained inside files in the Workbench. To find all files that contain a particular string of characters:

  1. On the main toolbar, click the command link Search button search icon.
  2. Go to File Search tab.
  3. Type your search string in the Containing Text field, or use the pull-down list to select a previously entered search expression.
    Use \ as an escape character for search strings that contain the special characters *, ?, or \, (for example: d:\\directory\\filename.ext).
  4. Finish entering your search options, (for example, to scope the search to specified file types), and click Search.
  5. The Search view displays the results of your search. Right-click on any item in the Search view to open a pop-up menu that allows you to remove items from the list, copy search results to the clipboard, or rerun the search. To open one of the listed files, double-click it or select Open from its pop-up menu.

If you close the Search view, you can return to it later by selecting command link Window > Show View > Other... > General > Search.

As an alternative to using the Search Dialog and Search View you can also use the Quick Text Search dialog. The Quicksearch Dialog is especially suited to jump around the workspace quickly using textual matches.

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