Moving and docking views

To change the location of a view in the current perspective:

  1. Drag the view by holding its tab. Do not release the left mouse button yet.
  2. As you move the view around the Workbench, the mouse pointer changes to one of the drop cursors, providing feedback on where where the view will be docked if you release the left mouse button. To see the drop feedback, drag the view over the left, right, top, or bottom border of another view or editor. You may also drag the view outside of the Workbench area to turn it into a "Detached" view.
  3. When the view is in the location that you want, relative to the view or editor area underneath the drop cursor, release the left mouse button.
  4. (Optional) If you want to save your changes, select command link Window > Perspective > Save Perspective As... from the main menu bar.
  5. Note that a group of stacked views can be moved by holding and dragging the empty space to the right of the view tabs.

While dragging the view, you will see an overlay to indicate where the view will be positioned.

Feedback View positioning
 Stack views drop, vertical bar: marks the insertion between other view tabs.
 Tear off icon drop, rectangular area: shows the positioning of the view in an empty area: either in the IDE or as detached view.
 Restricted icon prohibition: signals you can not dock the view in this area.
Detached views
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