CVS Label Decorations

The following preferences can be changed on the command link Team > CVS > Label Decorations preference page.

General Use the options on this page to configure general preferences about the decorators:
  • Compute deep outgoing state for folders: Use this option to configure if the outgoing indicators on folders should be calculated. Disabling this option improves the performance of the decorators because calculating the dirty state for folders requires computing the dirty state for all child resources. (enabled by default)
  • Enable font and color decorations: Use this option to enable font and color decorations. The colors and fonts used for outgoing changes, ignored resources, etc. can be configured on the command link General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts preference page
Text Use the options on this page to configure how CVS information will be added to text labels.
Icons Use the options on this page to configure the which icons can be used as overlays to show CVS specific information in views.