Closing an editor

Now that there are a couple of editors open, here's how to close them.

  1. Select the editor tab showing the first .txt file.

  2. In the text area add a 6th line of text:

    This is a 6th line

  3. To close the editor, choose one of the following options:

  4. Note the prompt to save the file before the editor is closed.

  5. Click OK to save any changes and close the editor.

If the editor was closed using File > Close, notice that the option File > Close All was also displayed. This is a quick way to close all of the open editors. If File > Close All is chosen, a prompt will appear to choose which editors with unsaved changes should be saved.

The preference to close editors automatically can be found in the command link General > Editors preference page. There you can configure the number of editors that can be opened prior to editors being reused and what should occur when all editors have unsaved changes.