SWT example - OLE Web Browser

This example shows how to embed an Active X control into an SWT application or an Eclipse view.

When the view is opened, it will create an instance of the Windows Internet Explorer control. The OLE web browser has Back and Forward buttons to take you to recently visited pages. The browser also contains a Home button to take you to the web browser's home page, a Stop button which stops the current transfer, a Search button which will search for text typed in the Address text field, and a Refresh button which re-draws the contents of the currently displayed page. There is also a Go button which, when clicked, will attempt to load the page specified in the Address field.

Running the example

From Eclipse's Window menu select Show View > Other. In the Show View dialog, expand SWT Examples and select the view named OLE Web Browser (win32). A view containing a web browser will appear.

This example can also be run using the Example Launcher. Select the OLE Web Browser item from the Win32 only category and click Run.