Marker Annotation Specification


3.0 (originally named org.eclipse.ui.workbench.texteditor.markerAnnotationSpecification)

This extension point is used to define presentation properties of markers. Extensions provided for this extension point can be accessed using org.eclipse.ui.texteditor.MarkerAnnotationPreferences. Use org.eclipse.ui.texteditor.AnnotationPreferenceLookup to get the annotation preference for a given annotation.

Note that an extension will only be returned from MarkerAnnotationPreferences.getAnnotationPreferences (and thus included in the preference pages) if it contains the following four attributes in addition to the required annotationType:

Annotation preference types that extend another annotation preference are allowed to overwrite attributes already defined in a parent preference specification, but these will not be accessible from the preference page.

Configuration Markup:

<!ELEMENT extension (specification+)>

<!ATTLIST extension




<!ELEMENT specification EMPTY>

<!ATTLIST specification

annotationType                         IDREF #REQUIRED

colorPreferenceKey                     CDATA #IMPLIED

overviewRulerPreferenceKey             CDATA #IMPLIED

verticalRulerPreferenceKey             CDATA #IMPLIED

textPreferenceKey                      CDATA #IMPLIED

label                                  CDATA #IMPLIED

highlightPreferenceKey                 CDATA #IMPLIED

colorPreferenceValue                   CDATA #IMPLIED

presentationLayer                      CDATA #IMPLIED

overviewRulerPreferenceValue           (true | false)

verticalRulerPreferenceValue           (true | false)

textPreferenceValue                    (true | false)

highlightPreferenceValue               (true | false)

contributesToHeader                    (true | false)

showInNextPrevDropdownToolbarActionKey CDATA #IMPLIED

showInNextPrevDropdownToolbarAction    (true | false)

isGoToNextNavigationTargetKey          CDATA #IMPLIED

isGoToNextNavigationTarget             (true | false)

isGoToPreviousNavigationTargetKey      CDATA #IMPLIED

isGoToPreviousNavigationTarget         (true | false)

icon                                   CDATA #IMPLIED

quickFixIcon                           CDATA #IMPLIED

symbolicIcon                           (error|warning|info|task|bookmark)

annotationImageProvider                CDATA #IMPLIED

textStylePreferenceKey                 CDATA #IMPLIED


includeOnPreferencePage                (true | false) "true">

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