Class PopulateRootOperation

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    public class PopulateRootOperation
    extends SelectFilesOperation
    The PopulateFilesOperation is an operation used to populate a FileSystemElement one level deep rather than the whole way.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PopulateRootOperation

        public PopulateRootOperation​(Object rootObject,
                                     IImportStructureProvider structureProvider)
        Create a new PopulateFilesOperation.
        rootObject - the object to be populated
        structureProvider - the object that defines how we are to populate it.
    • Method Detail

      • createElement

        protected FileSystemElement createElement​(FileSystemElement parent,
                                                  Object fileSystemObject,
                                                  int depth)
                                           throws InterruptedException
        Creates and returns a FileSystemElement if the specified file system object merits one. The criteria for this are: - if the file system object is a container then it must have either a child container or an associated file - if the file system object is a file then it must have an extension suitable for selection recurse down for depth to populate children