Class SelectMarkerRulerAction

All Implemented Interfaces:
IAction, IUpdate
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class SelectMarkerRulerAction extends ResourceAction implements IUpdate
A ruler action which can select the textual range of a marker that has a visual representation in a vertical ruler.

This class may be instantiated but is not intended for sub-classing.

2.0, allowed to be subclassed since 3.5
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    • update

      public void update()
      Description copied from interface: IUpdate
      Requests that this object update itself.
      Specified by:
      update in interface IUpdate
    • run

      public void run()
      Description copied from class: Action
      The default implementation of this IAction method does nothing. Subclasses should override this method if they do not need information from the triggering event, or override runWithEvent(Event) if they do.
      Specified by:
      run in interface IAction
      run in class Action
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    • chooseMarker

      protected final IMarker chooseMarker(List<? extends IMarker> markers)
      Chooses the marker with the highest layer. If there are multiple markers at the found layer, the first marker is taken.
      markers - the list of markers to choose from
      the chosen marker or null if none of the given markers has a marker annotation in the model
    • getAnnotationAccessExtension

      protected final IAnnotationAccessExtension getAnnotationAccessExtension()
      Returns the annotation access extension.
      the annotation access extension or null if this action's editor has no such extension
    • getResource

      protected final IResource getResource()
      Returns the resource for which to create the marker, or null if there is no applicable resource.
      the resource for which to create the marker or null
    • getAnnotationModel

      protected final AbstractMarkerAnnotationModel getAnnotationModel()
      Returns the AbstractMarkerAnnotationModel of the editor's input.
      the marker annotation model or null if there's none
    • getDocument

      protected final IDocument getDocument()
      Returns the IDocument of the editor's input.
      the document of the editor's input
    • includesRulerLine

      protected final boolean includesRulerLine(Position position, IDocument document)
      Checks whether a position includes the ruler's line of activity.
      position - the position to be checked
      document - the document the position refers to
      true if the line is included by the given position
    • handleCoreException

      protected final void handleCoreException(CoreException exception, String message)
      Handles core exceptions. This implementation logs the exceptions with the workbench plug-in and shows an error dialog.
      exception - the exception to be handled
      message - the message to be logged with the given exception
    • getMarkers

      protected final List<IMarker> getMarkers()
      Returns all markers which include the ruler's line of activity.
      an unmodifiable list with all markers which include the ruler's line of activity
    • hasMarkers

      protected final boolean hasMarkers()
      Returns true iff there are any markers which include the ruler's line of activity.
      true iff there are any markers which include the ruler's line of activity.