Class AbstractTextEditor.LineEndAction

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    protected class AbstractTextEditor.LineEndAction
    extends TextNavigationAction
    This action implements smart end. Instead of going to the end of a line it does the following: - if smart home/end is enabled and the caret is before the line's last non-whitespace and then the caret is moved directly after it - if the caret is after last non-whitespace the caret is moved at the end of the line - if the caret is at the end of the line the caret is moved directly after the line's last non-whitespace character
    2.1 (in 3.3 the access modifier changed from package visibility to protected)
    • Constructor Detail

      • LineEndAction

        public LineEndAction​(StyledText textWidget,
                             boolean doSelect)
        Create a new line end action.
        textWidget - the styled text widget
        doSelect - a boolean flag which tells if the text up to the line end should be selected
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      • getLineEndPosition

        protected int getLineEndPosition​(IDocument document,
                                         String line,
                                         int length,
                                         int offset)
        Computes the offset of the line end position.
        document - the document where to compute the line end position
        line - the line to determine the end position of
        length - the length of the line
        offset - the caret position in the document
        the offset of the line end
        3.4 protected, was added in 3.3 as private method