Package org.eclipse.ui.preferences

package org.eclipse.ui.preferences
Classes for using the preferences support in org.eclipse.core.runtime.preferences

Package Specification

This package has the convenience classes provided by the Eclipse workbench for use by clients who wish to use the core preference support added in 3.0.
  • Class
    IWorkbenchPreferenceContainer is the class that specifies the workbench specific preferences support.
    IWorkingCopyManager is the interface for the working copy support for references to shared preference nodes.
    The ScopedPreferenceStore is an IPreferenceStore that uses the scopes provided in org.eclipse.core.runtime.preferences.
    The SettingsTransfer is the abstract superclass of settings transfers used when switching workspaces.
    The ViewPreferencesAction is the action for opening a view preferences dialog on a class.
    The ViewSettingsDialog is an abstract class that provides some common functionality for view preferences.
    The wizard property page can wrap a property page around a wizard.
    WorkingCopyManager is a concrete implementation of an IWorkingCopyManager.