Interface IPage

    • Method Detail

      • createControl

        void createControl​(Composite parent)
        Creates the SWT control for this page under the given parent control.

        Clients should not call this method (the workbench calls this method when it needs to, which may be never).

        parent - the parent control
      • dispose

        void dispose()
        Disposes of this page.

        This is the last method called on the IPage. Implementors should clean up any resources associated with the page.

        Callers of this method should ensure that the page's control (if it exists) has been disposed before calling this method. However, for backward compatibilty, implementors must also ensure that the page's control has been disposed before this method returns.

        Note that there is no guarantee that createControl() has been called, so the control may never have been created.

      • getControl

        Control getControl()
        Returns the SWT control for this page.
        the SWT control for this page, or null if this page does not have a control
      • setActionBars

        void setActionBars​(IActionBars actionBars)
        Allows the page to make contributions to the given action bars. The contributions will be visible when the page is visible.

        This method is automatically called shortly after createControl is called

        actionBars - the action bars for this page
      • setFocus

        void setFocus()
        Asks this page to take focus within its pagebook view.