Interface INavigatorSaveablesService

  • public interface INavigatorSaveablesService
    This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.
    This interface is not intended to be extended by clients.
    • Method Detail

      • init

        void init​(ISaveablesSource source,
                  StructuredViewer viewer,
                  ISaveablesLifecycleListener listener)
        Initializes this service. Must be called on the UI thread, and may only be called once. The given viewer's control must not be disposed.

        The given listener will be notified of changes to the result of getSaveables() and to the dirty state of those saveables. The given source will be used as the event source for these event notifications.

        The given viewer's selection will be used by getActiveSaveables() to determine the active saveables. The active saveables are determined by iterating over the current selection, and for each element, walking up its parent chain until an element representing a saveable is found, or a root element is reached.

        source - the source of possible saveables
        viewer - associated viewer
        listener - listener to inform about events on saveables of the source
      • getSaveables

        Saveable[] getSaveables()
        Returns the Saveable objects for which elements are contained in the tree.
        the saveables
      • getActiveSaveables

        Saveable[] getActiveSaveables()
        Returns the active saveables based on the current selection. This method must be called on the UI thread.
        the active saveables based on the current selection
      • hasSaveablesProvider

        boolean hasSaveablesProvider()
        Check if any SaveablesProviders are contributed.
        True if and only if any SaveablesProviders are contributed for this service.