Interface ICommonViewerWorkbenchSite

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    IAdaptable, ICommonViewerSite

    public interface ICommonViewerWorkbenchSite
    extends ICommonViewerSite
    Provides a page, set of action bars, menu registration callback, and active window.
    This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.
    This interface is not intended to be extended by clients.
    • Method Detail

      • getPage

        IWorkbenchPage getPage()
        Returns the page corresponding to this viewer site.
        the page corresponding to this viewer site
      • registerContextMenu

        void registerContextMenu​(String menuId,
                                 MenuManager menuManager,
                                 ISelectionProvider selectionProvider)
        Registers a pop-up menu with a particular id for extension.

        Within the workbench one plug-in may extend the pop-up menus for a view or editor within another plug-in. In order to be eligible for extension, the menu must be registered by calling registerContextMenu. Once this has been done the workbench will automatically insert any action extensions which exist.

        A unique menu id must be provided for each registered menu. This id should be published in the Javadoc for the page.

        Any pop-up menu which is registered with the workbench should also define a GroupMarker in the registered menu with id IWorkbenchActionConstants.MB_ADDITIONS. Other plug-ins will use this group as a reference point for insertion. The marker should be defined at an appropriate location within the menu for insertion.

        menuId - the menu id
        menuManager - the menu manager
        selectionProvider - the selection provider
      • getActionBars

        IActionBars getActionBars()
        Returns the action bars for this page site. Pages have exclusive use of their site's action bars.
        the action bars
      • getPart

        IWorkbenchPart getPart()
        the IWorkbenchPart that this site is embedded within.
      • getSite

        IWorkbenchPartSite getSite()
        the IWorkbenchPartSite that this site is embedded within.