Package org.eclipse.ui.menus

package org.eclipse.ui.menus
Provides the public API and default implementation for contributing menu and toolbars to the menu service. Also for contributed Trim widgets.
  • Class
    ContributionFactories are used by the IMenuService to populate ContributionManagers.
    Extension for trim widgets contributed to the workbench.
    A contribution item which delegates to a command.
    A help class for the various parameters that can be used with command contributions.
    Clients who wish to contribute factories via the org.eclipse.ui.menus extension point should subclass this class rather than the AbstractContributionFactory as this class provides a default constructor.
    Instances of this interface represent a position in the contribution hierarchy into which AbstractContributionFactory instances may insert elements.
    Provides services related to the menu architecture within the workbench.
    Allow a menu contribution to be initialized with the appropriate service locator.
    Interface used for IWidget's contributed to the Workbench.
    Provides utilities and constants for use with the new menus API.
    Allow a command or application to provide feedback to a user through updating a MenuItem or ToolItem.
    Abstract base class from which all controls contributions to the workbench through the 'org.eclipse.ui.menus' extension point must derive.