Class IntroConfigurer

  • public abstract class IntroConfigurer
    extends Object
    Classes that extend this abstract class are used to configure CustomizableIntroPart. Since it is possible for multiple products to use the same intro configuration, this class allows them to customize some aspects of the intro content so that it looks different for different products even though they all share the same intro implementation and content.
    • Constructor Detail

      • IntroConfigurer

        public IntroConfigurer()
    • Method Detail

      • init

        public void init​(IIntroSite site,
                         Map<String,​String> themeProperties)
        Provides the opportunity for the configurer to contribute to the action bars and to fetch presentation theme properties.
        site - the intro part's site
        themeProperties - properties of the current theme that can be used by the configurer, or null if no theme is currently active or the active theme has no properties.
      • bind

        public final void bind​(org.eclipse.ui.internal.intro.impl.model.IntroModelRoot model)
        Internal method to associate the corresponding intro configuration model. May be called independently of init(IIntroSite, Map).
      • getThemeProperty

        protected String getThemeProperty​(String name)
        Returns the value of the theme property with a given name.
        name - the theme property name
        the value of the property or null if property is not found, the theme does not have properties or no theme is currently active.
      • getVariable

        public abstract String getVariable​(String variableName)
        Returns the value of the variable defined by the configurer. This variable can appear in XML content files in attribute names and values of elements. Whenever $variable$ is encountered in the content, it is evaluated using this class by passing 'variable' to this method and substituting the result in the content.
        variableName - the name of the substitution variable
        the value to substitute in place of a variable or null if the variable cannot be resolved.
      • getGroupChildren

        public abstract IntroElement[] getGroupChildren​(String pageId,
                                                        String groupId)
        Returns the children of computed groups. Groups marked as computed will be completed at run time when the group is asked to provide children.
        pageId - the identifier of the page in which this group appears
        groupId - the identifier of the group group within the page
        an array of intro elements for this group. Each intro element should contain only legal elements and attributes according to the intro content schema. Returns an empty array for no children.
      • getLaunchBarShortcuts

        public IntroElement[] getLaunchBarShortcuts()
        Returns an array of elements that will be used to build launch bar short cut links. Override this method if the intro launch bar has been marked as computed.
        an array of elements that will be used to dynamically build shortcut links.
      • resolvePath

        public abstract String resolvePath​(String extensionId,
                                           String path)
        Resolves an incomplete path in the form "page_id/@" where page_id represents the identifier of the target page. The configurator should complete the path according to its internal resolution mechanism. The final path must point at an anchor in the referenced page.
        extensionId - the id specified for the config extension
        path - the incomplete path specified for the config extension
        the complete path that points at the anchor element in the referenced page, or null if the path cannot be resolved or the extension should be hidden.
      • getMixinStyle

        public String getMixinStyle​(String pageId,
                                    String extensionId)
        Returns the style value that will be mixed in with the original style of the extension. Themes can use this feature to render certain extensions differently.
        pageId - the identifier of the target page that this extension is contributed into
        extensionId - the identifier of the extension to provide the mixin style for.
        the style to add to the original extension style or null if no mixin style is found for this extension.
      • isStartPage

        protected boolean isStartPage​(String pageId)
        Return true if pageId is the configured start page.
        pageId - the page identifier