Interface IStandbyContentPart

  • public interface IStandbyContentPart
    An Intro standby part. It is a UI component that represents some standby content. Standby parts can be contributed to the Eclipse intro using the following extension point:
             <extension point="org.eclipse.ui.intro.configExtension">
    Standby content parts have a life cycle that starts with a call to init, shortly after part construction, followed by a call to createPartControl. During these two calls, the part is responsible for creating its content and using the memento to try to recreate its previous state. SetInput is the last method called when trying to create a standby part.
    • Method Detail

      • createPartControl

        void createPartControl​(Composite parent,
                               FormToolkit toolkit)
        Creates the SWT controls for this standby part.

        Clients should not call this method. The intro framework calls this method when it needs to.

        parent - the parent control
        toolkit - the form toolkit being used by the IIntroPart implementation
      • getControl

        Control getControl()
        Returns the primary control associated with this standby part. The control is typically set during the createPartControl() call when this part is being created.
        the SWT control which displays this standby part's content, or null if this standby part's controls have not yet been created.
      • init

        void init​(IIntroPart introPart,
                  IMemento memento)
           throws PartInitException
        Initializes this intro standby content part with the given intro site. A memento is passed to the part which contains a snapshot of the part state from a previous session. Where possible, the part should try to recreate that state.

        This method is automatically called by the workbench shortly after part construction. It marks the start of this parts' lifecycle. Clients must not call this method.

        introPart - the intro part hosting this stanndby content part.
        memento - this part state or null if there is no previous saved state
        PartInitException - if this part was not initialized successfully.
      • setInput

        void setInput​(Object input)
        Sets the input to show in this standby part. Note that input can be null, such as when the part if created through an Intro URL that does not have an input specified, or when this standby part is being recreated from a previous workbench session. In this case, the standby part is responsible for handling a null input, and recreating itself from a cached IMemento.
        input - the input object to be used by this standby part.
      • setFocus

        void setFocus()
        Asks this standby part to take focus.

        Clients should not call this method (the intro framework calls this method at appropriate times).

      • dispose

        void dispose()
        Disposes of this standby part.

        Clients should not call this method. The intro framework calls this method when the Customizable IntroPart is closed.

      • saveState

        void saveState​(IMemento memento)
        Saves the object state within a memento.

        This method is automatically called by the workbench at appropriate times. Clients must not call this method directly.

        memento - a memento to receive the object state