Package org.eclipse.ui.ide.undo

APIs that provide undo and redo behavior for operations that manipulate the workspace.

Package Specification

This package contains APIs for the Eclipse Platform User Interface that support the undo and redo of operations that manipulate the workspace. Undoable operations that create, delete, move, and copy resources are provided.

The typical usage pattern is that a client creates one of the concrete operations and executes it using the platform operation history. For example, the following snippet deletes the project "Blort" without deleting its contents, and adds it to the operation history so that it can be undone and redone.

IProject project = getWorkspace().getRoot().getProject("Blort");
// assume that getMonitor() returns a suitable progress monitor
DeleteResourcesOperation op = new DeleteResourcesOperation(
        new IResource[] { project }, "Delete Project Blort", false);
        .getOperationHistory().execute(operation, getMonitor(), null);